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marijuana & cannabis
Due to the announcement of the Ministry of Public Health, which came into effect on June 9th, 2565, cannabis, marijuana, and extracts of cannabis or marijuana that are not classified as category 5 narcotics have been allowed for free use by the public in accordance with established criteria, allowing society to use cannabis and marijuana for wider purposes.
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    Citizens can grow cannabis for personal use, as well as commercial producers, without the need for permission, but they must register through the "ปลูกกัญ" application from the Ministry of Public Health (FDA).
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    Permission is still required to produce and sell products derived from cannabis, such as food products, cosmetics, medications, etc., and Ministry of Public Health (FDA) rules must be followed.
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    The sale of seeds, cuttings, or other parts of cannabis used for cultivation or breeding also requires permission under the Plant Varieties Protection Act issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.
This requires understanding the various conditions and appropriate ways of using marijuana, including consumption, use, and distribution:
Things you can/can't do and precautions after unlocking marijuana:
  • СAN

    Smoking marijuana is not illegal.

    Сan sell parts of the plant. But the sale of seeds and cuttings It is necessary to apply for permission under the Plant Varieties Protection Act.

    Used as an ingredient in food for sale Only the part specified in the announcement of the FDA is hemp seeds, protein. From hemp seeds, hempseed oil, stems, fibers, branches, roots and leaves, which must not have shoots or inflorescences attached.

    It can be grown at home and commercially available by registering through the application "ปลูกกัญ" or the FDA’s website or contacting provincial Public health officials.
  • СAN'T

    Do not use THC extracts (intoxicating substances) in excess of 0.2% in the case of extracting substances for sale It is only necessary to request the FDA first.

    Smoking in public places is prohibited. It is an offense under the Public Health Act 1992. Penalty: imprisonment for no more than 3 months, a fine of no more than 25,000 baht, or both.

    Cannabis plants are prohibited from being imported as a "stock" except seeds.

Although marijuana has been released from being a drug as category 5, but every use of the product should be considered for health, so the risks and effects that will occur on the body should be studied further. If there are abnormal symptoms such as irregular heartbeat, fainting, chest pain that spreads to the flat, trembling, edema, shortness of breath should see a doctor immediately
Due to the prevalence of marijuana and other products containing marijuana such as seeds, supplements, and cosmetics being sold in large quantities, to take responsibility for consumers and to ensure that the marijuana products sold on the Delivery KPG platform are online and standardized, we limit the sale of products that are authorized for production, import, and distribution by the Ministry of Public Health (FDA).
  • Marijuana/hemp products for cultivation or consumption.
If you wish to sell marijuana products, please make sure that they are marijuana products that have been authorized for online sales, such as the following types of products:
  • Marijuana/hemp seeds that are not for cultivation, such as for animal feed
  • Marijuana oil or essential oil
However, if your product falls under the following category, you must comply with the conditions for selling marijuana products:
Types of products that can be sold freely
Products that have sales conditions
Categories of products
Conditions for sale
A license for sale from the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation is required in accordance with the Plant Varieties Protection Act
  • THC not exceeding 0.2% - Must have a valid FDA license
  • Check license number or FDA number status here
  • Must have a license for sale according to the type of product
  • False information is not allowed
  • THC not exceeding 0.2% - Must have a valid FDA license
  • Check license number or FDA number status here
  • Must have a license for sale according to the type of product
  • False information is not allowed
Conditions for sale
If it is a product that falls under medicines prescribed by a doctor and contains hemp/marijuana as a component
Medical products containing marijuana/cannabis as a component intended for home use
Products fall under the category of dietary supplements, produced or containing hemp/marijuana, hemp oil, CBD oil, hemp-derived CBD oil, THC oil, and THC-free CBD oils
Goods falling under the category of cosmetics that contain hemp/marijuana components: hemp oil, CBD oil, hemp seed oil, THC oil, THC-free hemp oil, creams, lotions, lip balms, etc.
Food or sweets containing cannabis ingredients. For example, cookies/candy with added cannabis, cannabis leaf tea, 100% cannabis powder, etc
Seeds, seedlings, roots, stems, shoots, leaves, flowers, fruits, or seeds for cultivation
According to the announcement of the Ministry of Public Health regarding the Narcotics Act (Marijuana) of 2022, which came into effect on June 17, 2022, marijuana or extracts from the Cannabis plant are classified as controlled herbs. This means that marijuana sellers must comply with relevant laws and it is prohibited to sell marijuana to anyone who:
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    Individuals who are under 20 years old
  • -2-
    Pregnant women
  • -3-
    Women who are breastfeeding

Learn more about the Ministry of Public Health announcement here.

or contact the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine at 02-591-7007

The right way to sell cannabis/marijuana products
1. Show the correct FDA number in the picture or product details.
2. Show correct Thai label
3. Attach various licenses to product images
4. Must not contain exaggerated or false claims
License examples
Example of license to sell regulated seeds
Example of license to collect regulated seeds for commercial purposes
Example of a food advertisement license
Example of a license to advertise the sale of drugs through general media